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When a DUI Can Affect Your Career

A young woman, being stopped by police at night for a traffic violation.

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges are serious offenses that can have severe and long-term effects on your career. Depending on your field, a DUI arrest or conviction may result in job loss, having your license suspended, or an inability to obtain specific licenses and certifications. In this blog post, we'll explore how a DUI arrest or conviction can affect professional drivers and individuals in other fields and discuss the importance of working with a DUI defense attorney when your livelihood is at stake.

The Effects of a DUI on Professional Drivers

If you're a professional driver, such as a truck driver or bus driver, a DUI can be an especially damaging offense due to its potential impact on your ability to drive. A first-time DUI conviction can lead to suspension of your commercial driver's license (CDL) for one year.

Subsequent convictions could lead to permanent revocation of your CDL, making it impossible for you to continue working as a professional driver. Even if you don't lose your CDL permanently, any suspensions will be reported on future background checks and could limit employment prospects in the future.

In addition to potentially losing your CDL, driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle may face additional penalties from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). FMCSA has strict regulations concerning DUIs committed by commercial vehicle drivers and may issue warnings or fines depending on the severity of the offense. Certain motor carriers also have their own separate policies regarding DUIs that could lead to termination of employment regardless of whether or not you lost your CDL due to suspension.

The Effects of a DUI on Other Professions

While professional drivers are most likely to suffer immediate repercussions from receiving a DUI charge or conviction, other professions can also be affected by DUIs. For example, if you work in healthcare or education and need licensing from state regulatory boards, having a criminal record can make it difficult -- if not impossible -- for you to obtain those licensures. Additionally, employers across many industries often conduct background checks before hiring employees; if they discover that an applicant has been convicted of DUIs, they may decide not to hire them due to safety concerns and liability issues.

The Benefits of Working With A DUI Defense Attorney

If charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you must seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUIs so that they may help protect your rights throughout the process.

An experienced attorney will understand all applicable laws surrounding DUIs and their implications for those seeking employment in specific industries; additionally, they will be able to review circumstances related to individual cases and determine potential defenses that could mitigate any sentencing should there be grounds for it.

They will also defend charges against clients more aggressively than public defenders due to their familiarity with these cases. When facing these charges, having a professional who understands criminal law and state laws governing particular occupations is essential.

Tillotson & Martin, LLC is Here to Help

Receiving a DUI charge or conviction can have severe consequences that negatively impact many aspects of life, including one's current job security and future job prospects; however, these consequences do not always have to be permanent depending on various factors, such as mitigating circumstances specific to each case.

It's important when facing such charges to consult with an experienced attorney specializing in DUIs who understands not only criminal law but also state laws governing particular occupations. If you need assistance, know that our team is here for you. Reach Tillotson & Martin, LLC at (757) 568-7978 and discuss your defense today.