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  • Case Dismissed DWI 2nd Offense with a .28 Blood Result

    Our client was facing charges of a DWI 2nd Offense with a .28 Blood Result and the judge found our client not guilty.

  • Not Guilty DWI 1st Accident Involving a CDL Driver

    A commercial truck driver, arrested after an accident and blowing a 0.16 BAC, was noted by a State Trooper to have slurred speech and failed field sobriety tests.

  • Career Saved Military Doctor Found Not Guilty of DWI & Refusal

    A military doctor, after having three drinks over two hours, was pulled over and arrested on his way home from dinner. The court dismissed the tests and found him Not Guilty of DWI, also dismissing the refusal charge.

  • Career Saved School Teacher’s DWI Reduced to Reckless Driving

    An elementary school teacher was involved in a minor fender bender in a parking lot. Her breath test registered at a .09 but she had a history of acid reflux. Rather than go through a long battle in a trial, the prosecution was persuaded to reduce the charge to reckless driving. She was able to maintain her position as a teacher, a job she really loves.

  • Case Dismissed Nurse Charged with DWI after Taking Ambien

    A nurse accidentally took two Ambiens instead of one after having a few drinks, leading to an accident and her arrest. The judge accepted our argument of mistaken intoxication, and she was found Not Guilty.

  • Not Guilty 2nd Offense DWI

    Our client, suffering from sleep apnea and insomnia, was exhausted while driving home. He was reported for swerving. We had a previous refusal charge dismissed, a judge likely would have found him guilty. However, a jury ultimately found him NOT GUILTY.

  • Not Guilty DWI 2nd Offense with RISING BAC Defense

    After drinking two glasses of wine earlier, our client helped his daughter move items on a hot day. He then stopped at a 7-11, drank a 22 oz. beer quickly, and was pulled over shortly after, failing sobriety tests and blowing a .09. We had a toxicologist testify that the BAC at the station would be higher than during driving due to the recent beer. Despite the judge's tough stance on DUIs, she found him NOT GUILTY.

  • Not Guilty DWI 2nd Offense with GERD Defense

    A 68-year-old with acid reflux was arrested with a BAC of .13. After a seven-hour trial featuring expert testimony, the judge found him Not Guilty. The judge ruled the sobriety tests invalid due to improper administration and the client's age. Additionally, the judge noted the lack of independent scientific studies proving the EC/IR II breath test machine's effectiveness against mouth alcohol.

  • Not Guilty DWI with .21 BAC and possible Radio Frequency Interference

    My client was stopped at a legal checkpoint and arrested despite not appearing drunk. We brought several witnesses to testify about his day. The prosecutor claimed he was a career drunk who could handle his liquor. I presented a Radio Frequency Interference defense, which the Judge cut short. Ultimately, the Judge found the facts inconsistent with a .21 BAC result and suggested radio frequency interference might have played a role, then pronounced my client "NOT GUILTY."

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