Can a DUI Conviction Be Expunged From My Records?

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A one-time mistake like a DUI conviction can stay with you forever.

There are the initial penalties associated with a DUI conviction, such as fines, driver’s license suspension, and possible jail time. Even after a person has paid their debts, having a DUI on your criminal record will appear on routine background checks and become public information. This could be very damaging and limit future opportunities, affecting one’s ability to get a job, provide for their family, and obtain housing.

Expungement is the process of “sealing a conviction” and effectively hides a criminal charge or conviction in the eyes of the law.

Expungement Options in Virginia

There are limited circumstances where a person might have their charges expunged from their criminal record. Eligibility is only available under the following circumstances:

  • Acquittal (found not guilty)

  • The DUI charges against you were dropped

  • The DUI case against you was dismissed

The only way to keep a DUI conviction is to avoid a criminal conviction in the first place, which is entirely possible with a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney. There is one situation where the conviction can be overturned. Attorney Michael C. Tillotson at Tillotson & Martin, LLC says, “The only way to have a conviction, any type of conviction, removed from your records in Virginia is to have the governor pardon you.”

In some states, a DUI conviction can be expunged after a specific length of time. However, in Virginia, you have very limited options. If you are facing a DUI arrest, now is the time to talk to our team at Tillotson & Martin, LLC. We fight for our clients for the best possible outcome. Our defense attorneys are respected throughout Virginia by prosecutors and judges for their unique approach, knowledge, and experience regarding DUI law. Our team will work tirelessly to get you through this process.

Our Coastal Virginia DUI lawyers are ready to help you with your case. Start your defense today and call us at (757) 568-7978 for a free consultation.

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