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Who Is Most At Risk of Getting a DUI?

man looking worried while driving in the dark

There are some commonalities among people who are most frequently arrested for DUI. Read on to learn more about what groups of people tend to get the most DUIs.


Males make up the vast majority of DUI cases. About 80% of individuals arrested for DUI are men.

Some hypothesize that this gender difference is due to:

  • Amount of time spent driving
  • Biological differences when perceiving risk and danger
  • Where each gender tends to consume alcohol
  • Women at home, men out in public

In recent years, though, the number of females arrested for DUI has increased.

Young Adults

21-24-year olds are most at risk of DUI charges. They are also most at risk of being involved in an alcohol-related accident. This may be due to a lack of experience driving, lack of experience with alcohol, or less knowledge or fear of the consequences. 25-34-year-olds face the second highest risk.

Repeat DUI Offenders

Individuals with a DUI on their record are more likely to be arrested for the same offense in the future. Drivers who take the risk and drive under the influence are more likely to continue to do so, even after being caught. Repeat cases are also more complicated to fight.

Nighttime Drivers

Most DUIs occur late at night or in the early morning. Law enforcement officers are aware of this, and pay close attention to signs of impaired drivers. If you are traveling during these hours, it could increase the likelihood that you will be stopped and investigated for DUI. If the police collect evidence of your impairment, you could be arrested.

Holiday Travelers

DUI patrols also increase over holiday weekends. Drivers may encounter sobriety checkpoints over holiday weekends. These roadblocks make it easier for the police to stop and arrest drunk drivers. Whether through increased patrol efforts or formal DUI checkpoints, there is often a spike in DUI arrests around major holidays.

Virginia Beach DUI Defense Attorneys

Hundreds of thousands of drivers are arrested each year for driving under the influence. If you find yourself in this type of trouble this year, contact Tillotson & Martin, LLC. We are dedicated to defending the rights of drivers in Virginia, and we are here to help you.