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How To Have Fun at Holiday Parties While Sober

halloween party guests giving a thumbs up to the camera

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations often involve alcohol. If you are trying to avoid drinking, it can be daunting to think about walking into environments with so many temptations. We’ve put together some tips to help you through the holiday season without having to rely on alcohol, and without a DUI!

Tip: Keep a drink in your hand

Some people feel awkward or unsure of what to do with their hands when they aren’t holding a drink. Keep a non-alcoholic beverage in your hand so you feel comfortable. Plus, holding something cold naturally decreases anxiety!

Tip: Be prepared to stand strong against peer pressure

You may be pressured by others to drink. In some cases, the pressure can be so strong that people give in. Practice in advance how you will say no if others pressure you to drink alcohol. Be assertive and explain why you aren’t drinking. If this isn’t working, you may choose to turn to others for support.

Tip: Share your concerns beforehand

If you anticipate that you will have a difficult time maintaining sobriety at the event, share your worries with someone that you trust. This may be a family member, the party host, or someone else. Then, they can help support you throughout the event.

Tip: Play games

Pack some board or card games for the night! Staying busy will help you avoid alcohol.

Tip: Offer to be a designated driver

If you are trying to avoid alcohol, being a designated driver has many benefits.

  • You now have the responsibility not to drink
  • Your peers will not pressure the designated driver to drink
  • Your friends can get home safely and without incident

Holiday DUI in Virginia Beach

DUI arrests always increase around the holidays. If you have a prior record or want to avoid being arrested, you may choose to go alcohol-free at some parties and events this season. However, if you are charged with DUI, our DUI defense team at Tillotson & Martin, LLC can help. Call us at (757) 568-7978 to fight your DUI this holiday season.