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Shocking DUI Statistics

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DUIs are not only illegal, they can be dangerous to all parties on the road. If you’re wondering how many DUI charges occur or just how dangerous they are, it’s vital to recognize the various stats associated with them. Unfortunately, the statistics are staggering, and they show the dangers that arise.

One statistic that doesn’t show as much as you’d like is how many DUI charges are dropped because of a problem during the process. Just know, if you’ve been wrongfully charged with a DUI, you have rights and working with a lawyer can help your case.

Dangerous Numbers

One of the most alarming stats concerning DUIs is the number of fatal crashes that occur because of alcohol. In the United States, there’s roughly 28 fatal injuries every single day because of drunk driving, or one death every 51 minutes.

In Virginia, there were 827 fatal accidents in 2019, with 264 of them related to alcohol, or 32%. Unfortunately, it shows just how severe drunk driving is and how this action can lead to fatal and catastrophic injuries.

Convictions and Wrongful Accusations

In 2019, Virginia had 18,648 total DUI convictions, with each one costing between $5,000 to $20,000 for the person who is arrested. While the numbers over the years have reduced in terms of fatal accidents, there are still countless drivers being charged with DUI, even if there’s not enough evidence for a conviction.

Stats don’t show how often people are wrongfully accused of DUI, but it does happen more often than you may think. When it does, drivers should recognize their right to defend themselves from severe charges.

At Tillotson & Martin, LLC, we work hard to defend the rights of our clients. Our Virginia DUI attorneys will look at all evidence to help you after a wrongful charge. Let us put your best interests first and go above and beyond to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

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